Saturday, November 5, 2016

Social Justice...Proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Humanistic and/or atheistic groups can do works of social justice and can even move toward the margins with compassion. Government agencies can implement programs and systems to aid those on the margins.Their motivation will not be a transcendent reality but it is noble work. We applaud any work that alleviates suffering but let's be clear. Without a solid proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, any work in the areas of social justice and ministry in the margins is NOT fulfilling the call of the Church.

We hurt for the things Jesus hurts for and it is clear from Scripture that Jesus touched the untouchable, was present with the despised, and entered the hell of people's lives to bring resurrection. Our encounter with Jesus will move us with compassion to the broken people in our world. It will move us toward a righteousness that desires to seek justice. Yet, it is the outcome of the primary encounter of Jesus Christ, the salvation of our souls.

~ John Comstock

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