Thursday, October 27, 2016


If you would meet Him, the LORD of Lords, we wouldn’t have to put forty programs together to try to teach you to follow Him. As much as I believe in discipleship, most of us didn’t get properly discipled. I try to tell leaders all the time, "I can alleviate a lot of pressure from your life, by teaching you that you cannot disciple people that do not want to be discipled, regardless of how great your discipleship program is.


You also can’t stop people from getting discipled who want to get discipled regardless of how sorry your discipleship program is."

That’s not a license to have a sorry discipleship program, but it is a revelation that when you get ready and you get hungry and you get serious about standing in God’s face, you don’t have to have a thousand people in the room, you don’t have to have the best youth building, you don’t have to have the highest budget, you don’t have to have the coolest music, you don’t have to have relevant pastors, you don’t have to have smoking lights. When the Spirit of God is in the room with a hungry soul, discipleship will take place!

~ Kevin Seymour

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